Professional Service

Get the partnering support you need for any stage of your business.
We provide scalable solutions to get your business moving to the next stage with unparalleled efficiency within your budget.

Start Ups

We are here to make smart and quick decisions that get you to market fast at the lowest cost. We’ll build your products in any language and platform (online, tablet, smart phone, embedded and installed).

Mid-Sized Companies

Investing in a new business line or need outside experience to grow your current business to become a $100m in revenue? We are the trusted advisor to assess your current situation, rapidly build a prioritized roadmap, budget and launch projects to grow your revenue & profits.

Large Enterprise

Are you generating $500m to $60b in revenue? We’ve been there too. We can collaborate across your divisions to build consensus for transformation programs to grow your revenue, invest in new initiatives and build-out entire marketing, sales, IT/software and financial solutions.

Public Agencies

Not everyone gets working through the timelines and expectations of a federal, state, city or county program. We’ve worked for most of the Texas State Agencies and the largest urban counties in Texas. We can build RFP’s and facilitate vendor selection, build project plans and budgets for your initiatives and run small, medium & large agency projects.

Our services

Software Development

We build your ideas into custom software solutions. Let us bring your scalable business needs to life. Cloud, PC, Web, Tablet, Phone, any device you need.

Enterprise Architecture

Get your rapid Capability Maturity Model CMM report, roadmap & financial business case for Enterprise Architecture investment.

IT Services

Our on-demand IT service can meet your global needs. Hosting, Cloud Management, Service Desk, Security, Asset Management, Monitoring and more…

Executive Strategy

We partner with companies in all industries to develop Executive Approach strategies that deliver both quick-wins and long-term results.

Comprehensive Marketing

Our experience in all channels of marketing will prioritize your budget & maximize your revenue growth so marketing dollars are not wasted..

Business Operations

Use an Executive Approach to establish, restructure, and outsource aspects of business operations to lower your business costs & increase your profits.

About Us

Executive Approach is a Management Consulting company providing tailored business solutions for our clients.
We are one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. We work with top executives and investors to help them make better plans, decisions, and deliver sustainable successes they desire. For over 25 years our teams’ passion for achieving better results for our clients have resulted in global revenue growth, increased market share, and improved profits. Our results go beyond financial, technical & marketing as they are distinctly tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring through time.

What We Do

We engage all levels of an organization from day one, building momentum and capabilities to sustain your success. 
We take complex and uncharted challenges and bring structure through planning, operations & analysis. 
Our knowledge across all business organizations, enterprise processes, simple & complex technology stacks, and demand generation allow us to quickly prioritize client needs and deliver on complex roadmaps. Use an Executive Approach to your custom software development, marketing to grow revenue, and support your operations.

Client Results

We make a difference in our clients’ financial, strategic, operational and organizational results.

This is done through strategic planning, new software product development, repairing existing systems, simplifying processes and enterprise architecture, and providing low cost operational staff to maintain business functions.

Our Approach

Our Executive Approach draws from decades of hands-on experience across all business disciplines to derive the 
best of all and apply the most valuable steps that get you & your business to success in the most rapid, high-quality, and low cost way possible. 
We apply a tailored approach to your business needs, based on the service needed and the unique position and scale of your business.







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